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Speaking Services

Donna Morton, an engaging and experienced presenter, is registered with the National Speakers Bureau. Through speaking engagements, she is able to share her knowledge and experience, helping to provoke new thinking and guide government policy, business development, and non-profit directions.

  • Conference Development
  • Workshops
  • Keynote

Recent Speaking Engagements:

Consulting Services

In order to build relationships and the capacity of other organizations, the Centre for Integral Economics shares its knowledge and skills through consulting services. We bring the economic expertise, market tools and issue framing to the table, while our partners bring issue-specific knowledge and contacts.

The Centre for Integral Economics has worked with non-profits, policy makers, government agencies, business organizationas and academic institutions in the areas of:

  • Policy and Process, design and implementation, i.e. tax-shifting and economic development
  • Sustainability Coaching - practical, Executive level
  • Economic literacy and communications

Key Partners

Ashoka Foundation Canada
VanCity Credit Union
Tides Canada Foundation
Vancouver Foundation
City of Victoria
Threshold Foundation
Endswell Foundation

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