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Presented in association with Bioneers, this conference features a satellite downlink of the Bioneers Conference in San Rafael, CA. For more information about Bioneers and our partnership visit www.bioneers.org.


This conference will be produced with the support of founding partners CIE, the Victoria Native Friendship Centre, the Values Based Business Network, Hollyhock, and will be hosted by Fernwood NRG.

Keynote Speakers

Michael Ableman, Pakki Chipps and Guy Dauncey


October 19, 2020, 9 am - 1 pm: Bioneers plenaries via satellite downlink

About Bioneers

The Annual Bioneers Conference is: "A hub of practical solutions for restoring the Earth — and people. It’s a thriving network of visionary innovators who are working with nature to heal nature. The bioneers draw from four billion years of evolutionary intelligence and apply nature’s operating instructions in practical ways to serve human ends harmlessly. We herald a dawning age of interdependence founded in nature’s principles of diversity, kinship, community, cooperation and reciprocity."

Please support our local conference by purchasing Bioneers merchandise through our link to the Bioneers store.

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