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Mission Statement:

Students for Integral Economics is an organization dedicated to encouraging economic and environmental changes by working with university campuses across Canada. By encouraging interdisciplinary conversations between students from different faculties and specialities we can transcend the barriers that keep young people from working together to actively try and make a difference.

Key People


Nikhil Joshi, a young writer, an orator, a Canadian chess champion, and a philosopher is extremely passionate about his work with Students for Integral Economics (SIE). As a Millennium Laureate, Nikhil has been nationally recognized by the Government of Canada for his leadership skills and for his work in improving the lives of impoverished youths. It was during a conference that he met Donna Morton, and was exceedingly drawn to the precepts and goals of the Centre for Integral Economics (CIE). He later co-founded SIE with Josh Sandulak at the University of Calgary as a result of a summer internship with CIE. His recent volunteer work took him to Ghana, Africa where he was working to help treat and prevent HIV. He has a background in broadcasting and worked as a freelance journalist for five years with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). Currently, he splits his time between attending University and conducting healthcare research with the Western Canada Waiting List Project. Nikhil is passionate about furthering his ability to touch the lives of people positively. He currently lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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Josh Sandulak became involved with CIE after being introduced to Donna Morton by Nikhil Joshi. After participating in a summer internship program with CIE he became invested in their mission and ideals.

Josh is currently attending the University of Calgary and going into his fourth year as a Communications Student. He is also an active member on the Student's Union and works throughout the year as a freelance photographer.

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Key Partners

Ashoka Foundation Canada
VanCity Credit Union
Tides Canada Foundation
Vancouver Foundation
City of Victoria
Threshold Foundation
Endswell Foundation

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